​Should you buy the Xbox One X or the PS4 Pro ?

After it’s glorious debut last year at Microsoft’s E3 conference. It was clear the competition had moved to 4K gaming. Microsoft showed of its new console the Xbox One X which has a Eight-core 2.3GHz processor with 12GB GDDR5 random access memory, a bandwidth of 326GB/s, 1TB of storage and a 40 compute units at 1172MHz capable of 6 teraflops. To an average consumer like myself this may as well be the name of some Pokeruto X-men Avatar (but you gotta admit teraflop does sounds cool) .All that truly matters is the real world performance and boy does it crush it.

Of course, Sony has its own upgraded version of the PlayStation 4: the PS4 Pro was released two years ago with a spec of 2.1GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU, Integrated AMD Polaris graphics capable of 4.2 teraflops, 8Gb of GDDR5 Ram and 1TB of storage. Looking at the spec sheet, one might assume the PS4 Pro is an under performer, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The device is no slouch either it’s capable of geometry rendering and check boarding upscaling to 4K indeed it does hold its own.

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But this article isn’t to be nice it’s help you choose the best console on the market. Factors for choosing the best console can range from amount of titles to voice control. The best a manufacturer can do is build the most powerful console and help that developers take advantage of this power. The PS4 pro although having a head start hasn’t been doing well with developers. They’ve been holding out for the Xbox One X and it’s never more obvious than this; there are over 136 Xbox One enhanced titles while the PS4 Pro has a neater 45.

Microsoft was so proud of its achievements it has a page dedicated to showing of its titles. This doesn’t mean other PS4 or Xbox One games wouldn’t run. It just means, just this few take advantage of the extra power and if you invested this much on a console is obvious you want to see better looking games.

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Outside gaming Microsoft has a mature Xbox ecosystem with apps from the windows universal store showing up here, access to Cortana, Skype and hue of other Microsoft features. Yes Sony has spent sometime advancing its product. The PS4 is mostly just a gaming console nothing more.

This isn’t one of those comparisons where the choice is unclear. This is quite obvious, if you’re like me, you want true power, want to do more than just game and have $100 more to spend, the Xbox One X is the obvious choice with true native 4K gaming(not the upscaling found on the PS4 pro) voice activation, windows apps, live TV and more.


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