Aquaman Takes Place After The Events Of Justice League

The DCEU is gradually expanding with the introduction of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman which officially comes out tomorrow and now the Justice League in which we’ll get to see all and more. We’ll also get to see a lot of Aquaman action before his solo movie debuts. We’ve already seen a little of him on a tape in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and we’ll get to see a lot more of him in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Apparently, the events of Aquaman are after that of Justice League according to Executive producer Charles Roven in an interview with CinemaBlend and before the Justice League, Aquaman was pretty much just a loner so  we get to see how all that affects him afterwards and the decisions he makes. Charles also stated that ” Aquaman will make reference [to Justice League]. There will be some reference of something that preceded Aquaman that will be in Aquaman. I believe that is the intention.”

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Production for the movie has already started as there are already leaked shots from the movie set in Australia showing Arthur Curry played by Jason Momoa and Mera played by Amber Heard. The official logo for the movie was also revealed earlier.

Justice League in set to hit theaters November 17, 2017 while Aquaman is set to hit theaters December 21, 2018.

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