Avengers 4 Starts Production | Beginning The End

It was originally planned that both Avengers 3 and 4 would be filmed at the same time to hasten the process but all of that later changed last year. That doesn’t mean there would be any sort of delay as although Avengers 3 is yet to be released, Avengers 4 has already began production. 

Earlier this week, the Russo brothers shared a picture on instagram which depicted the beginning of the end, Avengers 4. The title is still yet unknown as they claim it would be a spoiler for Infinity War and would be revealed after its release on May, 2018.

Beginning the end.

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Avengers 4 which will be released May, 2019 is going to totally wrap up Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after which we’ll be ushered into something totally new. According to Marvel boss Kevin Fergie “By the time we’re at Avengers 4, 22 movies will have encompassed the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, And what happens after that will be very different. I don’t know if it’s Phase 4, it might be a new thing.”

Whether it is a new phase or a new thing, one thing is for sure and that is most of the characters we’ve come to love won’t be a part of what comes next. Earlier Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans hinted that they will be leaving the MCU soon. 

Avengers Infinity War hits theatres May 4th,  2018 while Avengers 4 is scheduled for a May release in 2019.

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