Giant shadow DLC for Battle field 1 will be released next week, at least for those without premium pass and those who did not pre-order. For those who did, they will be enjoying this DLC by tomorrow. This DLC update also comes with a lot of tweaks and changes for gadgets and vehicles.

This update comes with a brand new map titled Giant Shadow which is based on the battle of the Selle and in its surrounding, there is a crashed airship that is really huge. It also features river banks and the Cateau Wassigny railway. Aside this, there will also be spectator mode which will enable players view everyone on the battle field, have a bird’s view of the map and switch between first person and third person.

Along side the above, there will also be a new gadget called the grenade crossbow which does exactly as its named. Pretty cool if you ask me. There will also be some modifications and balancing on the shot guns.

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A new option called the Standard Issue Rifles will now be available. This option gives your class or faction their own standard rifle and just that rifle.
If you did not pre-order or get premium pass, this update will be available for you December 20th otherwise, have fun tomorrow.

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