Battlefield 1 DLC : In The Name Of The Tsar Gets Release Date

Battlefield 1 DLC takes you back to the war zone.

Battlefield 1 DLC pack, In the Name of The Tsar will be released September 19th, according to EA. But that’s not the only good news.

Players with premium pass have it even better as they’ll get to play this two weeks earlier on September 5th. Advantages of having premium pass I guess.

At E3 2017, a short trailer was released which shows us part of what to expect.

This DLC is going to bring in a lot of new contents such as new maps — six to be precise, new weapons, new vehicles, a new supply drop mode, the Russian Army and the Hussars.

This is also the DLC which introduces the first female multi-player character into the game. It’ll be available on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and yes, it’ll also be adding HDR support to the game.


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