Battlefield 1 Hits 21 Million Players Worldwide

Battlefield 1 has been out for a while now and it continues to gain new players everyday. Just few months back, it had a total of 19 million players, a figure which has increased drastically.

According to Publisher Electronic Arts, “Battlefield 1 had more than 21 million players joining the game as of quarter end.” The addition of the upcoming Expansion Pack this September titled In The Name Of Tsar will definitely increase game sales and revenue.

EA also announced that it has something special in store for players at Gamescon this August. CEO Andrew Wilson said “At Gamescom, we will detail our plans for a new offering that will bring the richest Battlefield 1 experience yet–including the all-out warfare, epic multiplayer battles and War Stories campaign that have defined the game, plus new maps, deeper progression, and additional fan-favorite game modes, all in a single package.”

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