Biggest Announcements At Blizzcon 2017

There were so many awesome announcements at the Blizzcon annual Convention and it’s easy to lose track of the main things to focus on in a the fun, but do not to worry, we’re here to help you out with that. 

Below are the biggest announcements that were made at the Blizzcon 2017.

World Meets Moira — 

Overwatch announced its newest hero called Moira, a Talon geneticist who is not only a hybrid support character but a villainous one as well. Moira is the 26th Overwatch character and has the ability to heal or damage, depending on which she chooses.

Moira will be the fifth character to be added to Overwatch post it’s release as we’ve also gotten Ana, Sombra, Orisa and Doomfist.

Starcraft 2 Will Be Free-To-Play

As from Nov 14th,  fans of starcraft will no longer have to bother about paying to go into the rank ladder as the game is going to be totally free to play from that day. This also means you’ll be able to play through the wings of liberty story and those who already have the Wings of Liberty expansion will get the Heart of the Swarm expansion for free. 

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However, if you don’t have the Wings of liberty expansion, you’ll have to purchase the heart of the swarm along with other expansions like Legacy Of The Void and Nova Covert Ops for $14.99 each. The free to play is a great idea for bringing in New players and expanding their community which is a really good idea. 
World Of Warcraft Classic Servers And New Expansion Pack

A new expansion pack called Battle For Azeroth was announced for Wow which will focus on the ongoing conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. It’ll also bring in new areas for players to explore, new dungeon raids and increased levels for players to reach. This will be the 7th expansion pack being released for Wow but will also be one of the biggest ever.

Blizzard also announced the addition of Vanilla servers to WoW which will be called World Of Warcraft Classic. According to Executive producer, J. Allen Brack, “We want to reproduce the game experience that we all enjoyed from the original, classic WOW”. This will give players the ability to play and enjoy the game in its original style. So far there is no news of its release as its still in its development stages. 

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Hearthstone Gets New Card Set And Single Player Mode — 

Popular card playing and trading game Hearthstone will be getting a new update called ‘Kobolds and Catacombs’. This is a new card set which will introduce 135 New Card to the game of which players will get a free legendary card the first time they log into it. This new update will be out in December. 

It’ll also bring with it a new single player mode called Dungeon Runs. Players will be tasked with defeating eight random bosses while progressing in gameplay. You get stronger and get more rewards as you beat bosses but thrown back to the beginning if you lose. Game Director Ben Brode described it as Hearthstone Roguelike. 


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