Biggest Revelations At The Paris Game Week 2017

So much was announced by Sony at the Paris Game Week 2017. Most of the big games we’ve been expecting got new awesome trailers, I’m not going to say which right here but you can check them out below because that’s where they got mentioned — lol.

We’ll start with Marvel’s Spider-Man. Firstly the trailer is below in case you want to go ahead and skip all this talk. The New Spider-Man trailer which was revealed gave us more on its story line as we got to see Peter without his suit and even with Miles (future Spiderman). A lot more characters were also revealed but sadly it’s exclusively for PlayStation 4, well, not sadly if you’ve got a PlayStation 4 Console.

God Of War — The New God Of War trailer was brutal as usual and we got to see a more extended gameplay in which we got to hear a bit about Atreus’ mother. Atreus is Kratos’ son by the way.

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Detroit: Become Human — This new trailer shows us more about the dysfunctional world the androids live in and how humans are both a threat to them and to themselves. Each decision you make decides how your story goes.

Ghost Of Tsushima — Err, much isn’t really known about this game other than the fact that it was made by the same studio that made Infamous, you all remember Infamous, right? Awesome game.. There’s no release date for this yet.

The Last Of Us II — While we didn’t get to see our main characters here, we did get to see other people’s perspective of the post apocalyptic world and it is brutal.

Shadow Of The Colossus — This is game you would definitely want to play if you’re into amazing scenery, music and really long bridges, yeah you read that right.

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The Hong Kong Massacre — Remember how you wished you were playing Hotline Miami with a more futuristic sci-fi look? Well, look no further as this game is exactly that. I’m not sure if that’s something to be excited about but nonetheless, check out the trailer below.


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