Brie Larson Hopes Captain Marvel Gets To Battle The Hulk In The Future

With the MCU gradually closing it’s doors on it’s 3rd Phase, many more characters are being introduced before this phase actually ends and one of them is Captain Marvel. 
Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is probably one of the most powerful characters ever to be introduced to the MCU. Not only does she have super speed, strength and flight but she can also shoot out blasts of fire energy from her hands and is almost invulnerable which is really really awesome when you think about it. 

All of this makes you think if she can actually take on the Hulk and apparently she’s also been wondering as well. In a recent interview with USA Today, she revealed how she would love to see Captain Marvel and The Hulk go toe to toe 

I do kind of have fantasies of battling The Hulk. It’s just visually so good!

We’ve seen how power the hulk is especially in Age Of Ultron where he was filled with blind rage and it took the near destruction of the hulk buster to bring him down. Although the battle between both of them seem unlikely to happen seeing as The Hulk probably won’t want to fight another Avenger again after the events of Thor Ragnarok which drops November 3rd but we never can tell as anything could happen in the MCU. 


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