Dark Souls 3: Ringed City DLC Brings In New Features

Dark souls 3 is one of those games which you just can’t stop playing despite it having lots of frustrating moments and now it is getting a new DLC which is The Ringed City.

Few days back, Bandai Namco hosted a live stream which showed us a bit of the single and multiplayer gameplay as well as new weapons which were also added. For the weapons we got to see the Giant door shield, The Lothric banner and the Fire infused ring knight straight sword.

We will also be getting new areas in this new DLC such as The Dreg Heap, Earthen peak and the Ringed city.

Thanks to IGN, we will get to see about 12 minutes of gameplay and also see our very first boss fight in the new DLC,

The Ringed City DLC will be available March 28.


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