Diane Lane Admits That Justice League Movie Won’t Be Better Than The Avengers

For years, there’s been an ongoing battle between DC fans and Marvel fans on which is better.. So far, there’s been no real means to use for comparison till now.. We finally have a Justice League movie coming out and that will give fans a good means to fairly compare..

Although it seems we don’t have to wait for the movie to come out as a cast member of the upcoming Justice League movie has openly agreed that Justice League won’t be better than The Avengers. In an interview with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Actress Diane Lane who plays the role of Superman’s mom Martha Kent was asked by a fan if she could share some spoilers about the Justice League movie and if it will be better than The Avengers and she plainly said ” No and no..Short, but honest. I hate to disappoint,”.

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This is just her thoughts on the movie though and who knows, she just might be a fan of The Avengers Or maybe she just said that to reduce the hype so they’ll get the chance to blow us away.  Now, even if Justice League doesn’t succeed as much as The Avengers, that is still okay as not every movie can be the best movie ever made and I’m sure Zack Snyder has seen the error of his ways with his previous movies and will try as much as possible to make Justice League as awesome as it can be. With Avengers fully kicking off the start of the MCU, Justice League will surely have the same effect on the DCU.

You can view the interview below and skip the the 1:41 mark to see her response

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