At Jump Festa, The game writer and designer Yuji Horri, Game director Takeshi Ichikawa and Producer Yusuke Saito announced the latest news on Dragon Quest XI. During the live stream, the developers talked about how working on the game felt like they were working on three dissimilar games because it was being made for three different platforms which are PS4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo switch.

We also got to see the difference between the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS versions. Then we got to learn a few things about the game’s her who has no name. He grew up in a village called Ishi amongst it’s inhabitants until he turned 16 and left to become an adventurer.

We then got a first look at the worldmap called Rotozetasia and also our Hero’s buddy Carmus who is a loyal and passionate companion despite being a thief and being rude. Carmus i a loyal companion and while he might talk and act rude, he has a kind heart. He looks more like a main character more than most of the main characters.

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There will be a Streetpass function for the Nintendo 3DS version. Although the PS4 version does not have a Streetpass, something else was prepared for it. There will also be themes recurring from past games like casinos and puff puff.  Dragon quest XI will be available for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS in 2017 in Japan as shown in the trailer of the game.

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