Far Cry 5: All You Need To Know| Announcement Trailer

Ubisoft unveiled its first trailer for Far Cry 5 today and so far it looks amazing. Far Cry takes us out of the stone age and back to modern day Montana in a fictional town called Hope County where we play the role of a Junior Deputy who gets back home and realizes a local doomsday cult is attempting to take over. Joseph, who is the leader of the cult is the game’s main villain. He protects his followers and his family as well which includes his two brothers Jacob and John as well as his half sister Faith.

It is up to you to get locals on your side to remove his threat. Not all locals would join you though, as some would join the doomsday cult instead. Main characters who would join your side are Pastor Jerome, Mary May and Nick Rye. Each of them also has their various own trailers that introduces them as released by Ubisoft alongside the Main announcement Trailer.

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Far Cry 5 like its predecessors will be an open world game where you get access to different vehicles, fight wild beasts trying to kill you and take over bases. Although in this new part, we’ll be able to fly planes as well, enter dogfights, Guns and Fangs for hire which allows you to recruit npcs to fight alongside you and also get access to wide range of arsenals.

A new feature is also introduced which is character customization. For the first time, players will be able to full customize their character and choose to play as a male or a female which is a pretty good turn they’ve decided to take.

Co-op mode is also brought back as you can go solo or play a friend in the two player co-op mode.. Far Cry 3 had a similar feature with 4 player co-op mode which had it’s own campaign. Unlike Far Cry 3, you can play side missions in the full game using the 2 player mode. Players also get to make their own maps in a map edition coming with the game. 
Far Cry 5 is set to release February 27, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It comes with free bonus contents on PS4 while on PC and Xbox One, bonus content will be sold. 

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