Final Fantasy Dissidia Gets Release Date And Comes With Lots Of Amazing Contents 

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is a PS4 exclusive game which has been slated for a 2018 release date by Square Enix. January 30th to be precise.

Along with the standard version, there will also be a digital deluxe edition and the ultimate collector’s edition, all of these comes with their own unique contents and price range of course. All of which are now available for pre-order.

The standard Edition will be sold for $60 but pre-ordering it gives you the opportunity to get one of three limited steelbook cases which would feature heroes and villains from Final Fantasy on the covers.

The Digital Deluxe Edition which would be available for $84.99 would feature five songs, a season pass and a Nameless Warrior Skin for the Warrior of Light.

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition has the most content as it comes with an 8.25 inch warrior of the Light statue, 15 song soundtrack, a season pass which adds six additions characters, an 80 page art book and a steel book case. Interested in this? Well, you should know it costs $190 as well and can only be downloaded from Square Enix’s online store.

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You can check out the Steelbooks and Ultimate Collector’s Edition in the gallery below.



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