Publisher Rockstar has released the Festive Surprise 2016 event and alongside this, they added a new range of cars and previous holiday season events. In addition to this, players get to enjoy holiday bonuses with double RP, GTA$ in the new Turf Wars Adversary mode, triple RP for taking part in the latest premium stunt race called Plummet, 25% off select vehicles, real estate and other items.

The holiday season is also going to include brand new festive items in stores in Los Santos. Players can now purchase Bodysuits from clothing stores and adjust the illumination settings. Players will also get to see the return of the firework launcher this holiday which can be purchased at Ammu-Nation and will also be available under the Christmas tree for players on Christmas Eve so they get to celebrate the Christmas in explosive style.

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There will also be a rare phenomenon happening on Christmas Eve and that is snow. Yes, it is going to snow on Christmas Eve while players can also get to grab the Truffade Nero and Nero Custom edition super cars.

Rockstar will also be giving out gifts to players which would include Unicorn masks, Pyjamas, weapons and sticky bombs.

This update follows the Import/Export DLC which was released for free and is a big expansion for GTA online. While GTA V has sold millions of copies already, it still continues to sell more copies each week.

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