Guerrilla games released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn which gave us a new look at what we are going to face in the game and what is actually going on.

The trailer begins with Alloy limping across a field covered with arrows and the bodies of her fallen tribe members as she wonders who did this to them. After this, she is seen leaving her tribe and sacred land to discover more about the enemy. This leads her to a place called Meridian where sge warns of the attackers and the threat is poses to them all.
“There’s a threat to us all. Men in masks raising up machines. And I’ve seen their leader” she says.

After this, we get to see corrupted machines corrupting other friendly machines with their ability to corrupt which can be seen emitting from their body.

A mysterious figure later appears to her in a hologram with the intent of helping her and her tribe. He refers to himself as an “interested party” and with all that is going on, Alloy would need alll the help she can get.

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Towards the end of the trailer, we got to see a giant like robotic creature capable of wiping out everything in sight with a single hit. Hopefully we’ll get to know about its weaknesses later on.

Horizon Zero Dawnis an action role playing game which was developed by Guerrilla games  and is exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Horizon Zero Dawn will be out February 28 and we hope to see more reveals and trailers before the game comes out.

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