How Avengers: Infinity War Will Connect To Age Of Ultron

If you’ve seen Avengers: Age Of Ultron, you would agree that one of the most confusing scenes was Thor’s vision. It left most viewers feeling that the scene wasn’t really necessary since no explanation was provided for it in the movie.

Well, it turns out there is an explanation for the nightmarish vision Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) had. This vision apparently sets up the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is all going to happen, probably. Taking us back, in the vision, we see a blind and insane Heimdall (Idris Elba) telling Thor about the destruction he would bring and that they are all in Hel. Now with Marvel, everything is a dimension and it seems Hel is as well.. Hela who we’ve been recently introduced to in the most recent trailer of Thor: Ragnarok is the ruler of Hel and In the movie, she takes on the role of death. With that in mind, Ragnarok might set in motion the events of The vision happening in the Infinity War.

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You might not have noticed but in the vision as well, there was a particular Asgadian Warrior statue kneeling with a sword in front of him which could very much symbolize the death of one or more Marvel characters and with Thanos now in the picture, no one is safe.. This same statue was spotted on the set of Avengers Infinity War which could be the Thor’s vision actually happening in that scene.

Thanks to MCU News & Tweets, we got to see a picture of the set showing the prop statue which was present in Thor’s vision.

Knowing Marvel, all of this might actually not go the way we think but then again, you never can tell.  We just have to wait for more hints or till the movie comes out May 4th, 2017.

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