Thanks to the Nanos Team, Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod has now been introduced to the game. JC3:MP for short, gives many players the chance to blow each other up, play against each other or cooperatively, race, skydive all on a single server. And if you don’t feel like doing any of this, you could just plain explore the world around you.

A while back, most players had given up on the idea of a Just Cause 3 multiplayer ever coming out seeing as Lead Developer Cameron Foote got hired by Avalanche studios making the multiplayer mod he was working getting cancelled. Now thanks to another team starting a brand new project on it, we now finally have a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3.

Although, right now the mod isn’t fully completed, according to a FAQ, it will be eventually. The mod is only available for PC and can be downloaded here. After downloading it, all you need to do is run the new launcher and you are set to go. A copy of the game on steam is also required.

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