Justice League Reveals Steppenwolf’s Face

Take a closer look at Steppenwolf.

Much isn’t really known by Justice League villain Steppenwolf, even true DC comics fan would agree with this. I mean, even with all the trailers and reveals, all we really know is he’s related to arch villain Darkseid and he’s going to release a bunch of parademons to earth.

We know he’ll be played by Irish actor Ciaran Hinds but still, we have no idea how he’s going to visually portrayed with all the CGI and effects. Well, thankfully that’s no longer the case as a latex mask of his appearance turned up on Reddit.

Justice League reveals Steppenwolf's face

Although, before this leak, there have been toy figures of the characters in Justice League including the villain as well but that didn’t really provide much details as this did.

DC only has three movies riding for them before opening the Justice League and while the main villain isn’t Darkseid, using Steppenwolf still seems rushed. Little is known of the character as there was no background exploration unlike The First Avengers Villain, Loki who already had much character development and background exploration.

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Using an underdeveloped character is basically taking a huge risk and with the case of Justice League, they are taking a very huge risk because it’s also the first time most of heroes are appearing without any character development. We can only hope Steppenwolf lives up to this treacherous look when Justice League hits theatres in November.


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