Life is Strange 2 Officially Announced And In Development Already

With the original Life Is Strange hitting a sale point of 3 million,  Developer Dontnod has announced today that Life Is Strange 2 is officially in development and has been in development for over a year now since the release of the physical version of Life Is Strange.

With the First Life is Strange being called Season 1, this second part hasn’t been officially referred to as either season 1 or part 2 or if it would be published by Square Enix as the previous or if we’ll even get to see Chloe and Max in it. There wasn’t really much info provided by Dotnod apart from it just being in development, all of which you can watch on the video which was released by them.

Some time last year, a live action Life Is Strange TV show was announced by Square Enix for digital streaming and it was said they’ll partner with Legendary Entertainment but so far, nothing is known of the plot. Hopefully we get to hear about more of this soon.

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Life Is Strange Episode 1 was a really breathtaking and mind blowing game. I really hope the second part takes us back to that amazing feeling.

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