Mafia III was one of the most expected games before its release in October and it got a new free DLC recently. This new DLC adds unlockable car customization to your game vehicles. Fans have since been requesting for car customization and have finally gotten it.

This DLC comes with 10 new customization options. You can unlock six of these options through the normal gameplay, while three others are available with the Family Kick Back DLC pack which was free for people who pre-ordered  the game while others cam get it for the low price of $5 and then there is a brand new car called Griffin  Marauder which can be won by winning 12 new races: Six circuit lap races and six point to point races.

Aside the car customization, there are also three new outfits for Lincoln which comes with the DLC. They include Bad Bad Mr Burke, On the Prowl and the Classico outfit. Although the only way to get the Classico Outfit is by linking your My2K account to your Mafia III and doing this also also unlocks II Duca Revolver.

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There will also be more free updates coming out for Mafia III in the new year as well. This DLC is available now.

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