Major Character To Feature In Captain Marvel

While Captain Marvel won’t start filming till January, there are already rumours about it circulating the net and one major one is Nick Fury featuring in the movie. That rumour has now been confirmed by Deadline as they posted an article which reads “it’s true that Jackson will be making an appearance in the movie”.

We last saw Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury in Avengers: Age Of Ultron helping the Avengers with the Sokovia incident and was right back underground before the events of Civil War. According to Deadline, Marvel won’t comment on this news. Another confirmation was when Christopher M. at Omega Underground reported that the actor (Samuel L Jackson) would be heading to Atlanta to film for Marvel Studios at the start of January.

Looks like [Samuel Jackson] will indeed be co-starring with [Brie Larson] in Captain Marvel,” the tweet reads. “Expected to begin shooting on January 8th in ATL.

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There are also rumours of Samuel L Jackson making an appearance in Infinity War which is slated for next year’s release which would also feature Captain Marvel so they might actually get to meet in Infinity War before Captain Marvel hits theatres in 2019.

Spider-Man Homecoming hits theatres today. Be sure to check it out.

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