More Leaks On New Assassins Creed Game Shows Main Character, New Setting And Bonus Contents

There have been so many rumours about the upcoming assassins creed but it seems like the rumours are kinda true seeing as a gold edition pre order card for the game has emerged online from Retailer Target. The card confirms the name of the new assassins creed which is Origins and shows us a new character holding a Bow in front of a pyramid. This means our new Assassins Creed is going to be set in Egypt and if the rumours are true, our new hero is going to be named Ba-yek.

The Pre order card shows us what we might be getting with the Gold Edition of the game which is a steelbook, deluxe pack and a season pass alongside the Main game. According the picture, pre ordering the game gives you access to the Secrets Of The Pyramids mission — if this is really genuine that is.

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Before all this, the one hint Ubisoft has given us is just a picture with the caption “A New Era Begins”. We’re looking forward to the upcoming E3 which is just days away as more  details about the new Assassins Creed will be revealed then.

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