Mystery Of Mt Chilliad Solved In New GTA Online Trailer

Rockstar released a new trailer of an upcoming DLC for GTA Online a few days back titled The Doomsday Heist. Not only is it bringing in new contents and might also be one of the game’s biggest update yet but it also solved a long time mystery fans have been curious about and that is, what lies beneath Mt Chilliad.

For a long time, there have been rumors that an alien conspiracy lie beneath the mountain mainly because of the strange painting found at the very top of the mountain which features a series of tunnels leading to different symbols, four of which are very unique – A UFO, a cracked egg, a man with a Jetpack and a glowing all seeing eye UFO type symbol at the very top.

Fans will be glad to know that they weren’t so far off from the truth because while it wasn’t about aliens[sadly] , there sure is a conspiracy going on. In the trailer, we see that there is a hidden nuclear missile silo deep within the mountain along with anti aircraft rocket launchers around the area along with something about an upcoming Nuclear War.

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We also got to see the return of the Jetpack since its appearance in GTA San Andreas which fans have long been asking for. This is basically the story-line of the new DLC:

A billionaire tech mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a socially awkward conspiracy theorist and a neurotic supercomputer have been forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from total annihilation. As apocalyptic threats mount from enemies unknown, you and your criminal crew are enlisted to un-tangle mysteries and eradicate threats spanning from the bustling streets of downtown Los Santos to the ocean floor and all the way to the inner depths of Mount Chiliad in an epic new online adventure.

We also got to see a variety of new vehicles and weapons which we’ll get access to when the DLC drops on December 12th, 2017.


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