Nazgûls Will Be The Bosses In Shadow Of War And It Will Tell Their History

Middle Earth Shadow of War will be far bigger and more epic than its predecessor Shadow of Mordor as players will get to face off not only the Dark Lord Sauron but also dragons as well as Sauron’s henchmen the Black Riders or better known as The Nazgûl.

Players will get to know the history of famous Nazgûls created by Tolkien in his texts such as the Witch King of Angmar and the Easterling Khamul amongst others which will be created by Monolith.

IGN spoke with Monolith’s vice president about the Nazgûl and their role in the game:

They are bosses. You are competing with them throughout Mordor and as you get in there and start to conquer Mordor and you’re facing them. Different weapons that relate to who they were historically. We’ve added specific gameplay to each of the individual Nazgûl in relation to their different boss fights as well. So whether you’re fighting them singularly or as a group.
One of the things we really enjoyed in Shadow of Mordor was getting to show the backstory of Sauron and seeing Sauron in fair form and seeing the history of that. So now we get to do that same thing with the Nazgûl, so we actually get to reveal the history of who some of them were, and of course their relationship to the rings of power, which of course means their relationship to Celebrimbor and Sauron, so it all kind of gets twisted up in that. But the identity of some of them, we were also able to weave into the lore of Middle Earth in some really interesting ways.

Middle Earth Shadow of War launches August 22nd in North America and August 25th in Europe for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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