Nintendo Plans On Releasing Legend Of Zelda For Mobile Soon

With the most recent Legend of Zelda game (Breath Of The Wild) doing so well on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has decided to release a version of it on mobile on phones giving those without consoles a chance to get a taste of it.

It hasn’t been officially announced by Nintendo but it is happening. Another mobile game they plan on releasing is Animal crossing which has already been made official. According to Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima early this year, they plan on releasing three mobile games for 2017.

Although we aren’t sure yet how they plan on fitting such an expansive puzzling world into a mobile version especially the controls. It’ll probably be turned to a one control game like Super Mario Run or maybe they have something more interesting in mind.

The mobile version of Legend of Zelda might not do as well as the console version but there’s very high hope for it to do really great. There is no release date or much details for this game right now as it hasn’t been officially announced but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything comes up.

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