NIOH: Dragon Of The North DLC Gets Release Date Announced

On a PlayStation Blog earlier, Team Ninja made an announcement that the Dragon Of The North DLC for Nioh will be available May 2nd on Playstation 4.

This DLC follows the events at the end of the game. After peace is brought to Japan by William, players are then taken to the Oshu region in which you must defeat a new ruler called Masamune Date also known as the One-Eyed Dragon.

“Masamune is a well-known historical figure who is both brilliant and ruthless. Although he was an exceptional leader; his ambition and lust for power blinded him to all else. He was known for being an impulsive leader who was wildly arrogant of his abilities — believing he was superior to most men, yet at the same time greatly devoted to the his land and subjects. We found this disparity in his personality to be something that we could utilize to create a memorable character and a formidable adversary for William.”

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Players will get access to a new weapon called the Odachi, new armors, skills, magic and Guardians spirits. Also coming with the DLC is a PvP mode which is only available to those with a PlayStation plus subscription.

A Season Pass for Nioh is also available on the PlayStation store which gives owners access to not only the Dragon Of The North DLC but also access to the yet to be released Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End Expansions.

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