PREY: Few Things You Need To Know Before Playing It

Prey which was developed by Arkane studios came out few days ago. It is a first person action adventure game in which you take on the role of Morgan Yu aboard the Talos I while trying to survive the deadly aliens called the Typhon which are on board. Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where John F Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in 1963 which led to many events unfolding in 2035.

Before you dive into the game, there are some few things you need to know otherwise things could go bad for you very fast.

Mimcs: How To Spot One

Mimics are Typhons in disguise. They could be disguised as anything ranging from a chair to a coffee mug. The question is, how do you know when there is one around? Out of place objects or knocked over objects are usually mimics. Seeing a third chair where normally you would see two, the third is usually a mimic. With this in mind, your paranoia level will probably be increased as you play this game and this is good, go with the flow. Dealing greater damages to mimics can be done if you sneak up on them and hit them heavily using a wrench or your gun but wrench is advisable because you might be wrong and what you suspected was a mimic was just a plain ol coffee mug and that’s ammo wasted. The sneaking also works on other enemies aside mimics.

There Is Always Something Interesting Around


Whenever you enter a room, there is a high chance there is something valuable hiding around like health packs or even high grade weapons even though you can’t see any around. You just have to closer and behind objects. If you look well enough, you can find better weapons early in the game.

Know When You Are About To Be Detected

Mimics and Phantoms usually have a little blue bar above their head when they are in the process of detecting you which fills up from the middle depending on how much they have detected you. Once it gets to red, it means they have fully detected you and at this point, you only reasonable choice is to go into stealth mode which is crouching to avoid being seen to lower the detection bar.. Standing up when fully detected is a very bad idea. Mimics in disguise don’t show the detection bar so when you discover one in disguise, take it out on time.

Neuromods: Hoard Till You Find It’s Blueprint 

Neuromods are used to unlock perks in the game. At the start of the game, you might need to hoard these to save up as you need lots to unlock the highest perks on time. That is until you find the blueprint needed to make them in which case you can go nuts with them and spend them as you like.

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Talking To Bots Offers Nice Surprises

Whenever you run into any type of bot in the game, it is advisable to talk to them as it can be very favorable. They offer nice stuffs such as restoring your health and boosting you up.

GLOO Gun: Upgrade and Combine

The GLOO gun is one of the best weapons you will get in this game. It helps to freeze enemies which gives you enough time to take them out. It is advisable to upgrade this weapon as early as possible as it reduces the amount of ammo you have to use and it increases its efficiency a lot after doing so. Combining your shot gun with the GLOO gun is one of the best decisions you’ll make as it makes the perfect weapon. Freeze enemies with the GLOO gun, switch to your shot gun and keep firing even when they hit the ground.

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