Proof That Assassin’s Creed And WatchDogs Are In The Same Universe 

For a while now, there have been theories that Assassin’s Creed and WatchDogs share the same universe with little proofs appearing on each side only to be dismissed by Ubisoft as merely Easter Eggs.

Well, it seems now there’s an actual concrete proof that both these games are in the same universe and that proof is Olivier Garneau.

Olivier Garneau appeared In the modern-day section of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag before travelling to Chicago where WatchDogs 1 took place and then appeared in its side mission where you had to take him down. But wait, there’s more.

Fast forward to Assassin’s Creed Origins [Potential Spoilers below]. While this was dismissed by Ubisoft earlier as merely an Easter Egg, this same event was revisited in the modern-day section of  Origins where there was an actual footage in a laptop of Garneau being murdered if you go through the Abstergo employees files and security camera footage.

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Now, in this footage, Garneau is being shot by a guy in a trench coat and hat who is none other than……  Aiden Pierce or you seeing as we were the ones who killed him in the side mission in Watchdogs.


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