For the numerous fans of the silent hill franchise(I included), I am positive we were all excited whilst konami announced the discharge of the new silent hill game (p.T) which came out on ps4 at the 12th of august, 2014 and then clearly sad when we heard of its cancellation afterward. In contrast to the other silent hill video games within the franchise,  p.T. focuses on an unnamed protagonist who awakens in a concrete-covered room, and opens a door to a haunted corridor, wherein he can most effective walk via a hallway which constantly loops and redecorates itself. The first time he passes, a radio reviews on a familicide, which was comitted by the father, and later mentions two different cases precisely like it, whilst the radio announces different messages in numerous languages, which includes a swedish message referencing the 1938 radio drama the war of the worlds.

The protagonist soon encounters a adversarial and unstable lady apparition, probably named lisa, and upon entering the bathroom and being locked, he obtains a flashlight and finds a creature such as an underdeveloped fetus inside the sink. He quickly receives out, however unearths out that the apparition is watching him. If the protagonist is attacked by means of the ghost, he reawakens in the first room of the game, beginning the loop once more, but it is viable to keep away from her absolutely. In the room, a bloody shifting paper bag speaks to him, speaking of a worrying experience, and revealing the identical phrases the participant sees once they begin the game – “Watch out. The gap in the door… it’s a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?”

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The following few loops feature a refrigerator putting from the ceiling, leaking blood, at the same time as the sound of a crying baby can be heard. This happens numerous instances, each time being more severe than the final. As it transitions, the lamps turn completely crimson, the player’s imaginative and prescient blurs, and the individual movements abnormally fast, with a set of worrying illusions. Ultimately, the protagonist hears the sounds of a murder being committed in the lavatory via the rest room peephole. The protagonist then enter the bathroom and sees a fetus creature in a sink which talks to him. The hall then corrects itself and the protagonist sooner or later gets locked in. As he tries to get away, the same “paper bag” voice utters “204863” repeatedly and the participant’s perspective distorts, before the game displays a false crash message.

Upon restarting, the protagonist awakens inside the beginning room. The participant continues the loop with most effective the flashlight as a mild supply. The participant then discovers the torn pieces of a image, scattered for the duration of the corridor and reassembles it in its frame. After the photograph is finished and a set of duties are accomplished, a smartphone jewelry and the radio’s voice says “you’ve been chosen.” the protagonist sees the door liberate and leaves the constructing.

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Inside the subsequent cutscene, the radio’s voice remarks approximately having lived a existence of regularity till his father killed him and his circle of relatives with none creativity; he then voices his purpose to go back together with his “new toys”. The protagonist steps out into the streets of a deserted city and is discovered to be Norman Reedus. The credits then monitor the nature of the playable teaser

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