Cloud Imperium games announced before the Christmas holiday that they will be switching game engines for the long awaited Star Citizen already in development from Crytek’s Cryengine to Amazon’s Lumberyard.

 This news however brings great concern to the fans awaiting the game because thinking back, we remember a few games which switched game engines and were forever lost in development,

According to Creative director Chris Roberts, he said in a statement that ”Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its social component with Twitch that enables us to easily and instantly connect to millions of global gamers. Because we share a common technical vision, it has been a very smooth and easy transition to Lumberyard. In fact, we are excited to announce that our upcoming 2.6 Alpha release for Star Citizen is running on Lumberyard and AWS.”

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Star Citizen, while announced in late 2012 has already raised over $140 million and this already makes it the most successful crowdfunded project in history. Some fear the game will not live up to the hype but we won’t know for sure until we actually get to play it.

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