So, Ubisoft has announced that the T-Bone DLC originally set for release on the 13th of December is now being pushed back to 22nd of December while in Japan it is set for release on the 26th of December for the PS4, Xbox One and the PC. This is the first DLC to be released for the Watch Dogs 2 and most fans are really sad about this delayed release. According to Ubisoft, they want to make sure the DLC does not have any problems upon its release. 
Recently, an update for the Watch Dogs 2 game titled updated 1.06 was released along side other patches to help the game run smoothly, avoid crashes and fix multiplayer issues. Ubisoft wants to make sure the update can fully support the upcoming DLC. 
The new DLC is going to have a new outfit for Raymond T-Bone, a four weeks T-Bone event that players can participate in starting December 19th and also a new enemy. Players particpating in the event are going to have access to new skin for cars and also rewards. The event is also totally free.
Most players can hardly wait for next week when the DLC is supposed to be released.
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