I’ve come to realize gaming is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life.. It’s practically life to some people.. First gaming console I ever played was the game boy color.. I didn’t really know much about gaming then. Always heard about the play station but never knew how it was like or the kind of realistic graphics it had. One day a friend came over with a console and told I found out that was the all famous PlayStation two I’ve been hearing about.  First game I played on it was God of War. I was so hooked on the graphics. Ever since then gaming has come a long way, for example we have the playstation 4 and news of the upcoming playstation 5, the xbox 1 and news of an upcoming xbox 2. With the gaming graphics we have now, some cant really tell the difference between reality and gaming world. 
      In these modern-day times, the gaming consoles have invaded our residing rooms and has emerge as an essential  part of our life. Lets take a glance lower back at the evolution of consoles over the years. Now that atari became certainly routed from the battlefield, the fight changed into getting severe among nintendo and sega. This time, sega caught nintendo drowsing and released the first of the fourth…, no strike that, first of the  successful next technology monsters powered by using sixteen-bit chips. Amid tons fanfare, the tool was brought in the spring of ’88 in japan, 4 months later in north America.
Sega genesis, or higher called sega mega drive outside the usa, was modeled closely on the sega’s sixteen bit arcade structure. the sales have been sluggish first of all, however successive releases of ported arcade outstanding hit games like altered beast, ghouls n’ ghosts proved its power and there has been a spur in sales. Sega later ported sonic the hedgedog to its collection to compete with mario and won that struggle as well. The gaming fraternity and I have been watching for more information on the subsequent generation consoles in this year’s E3, but we had been in large part disenchanted. We didn’t have any legitimate word from either sony and microsoft.

       Only nintendo supplied some solace to the disgruntled fans with wii u. With wii u, nintendo attempts to bridge the gap among them and hardcore game enthusiasts and revive its former glory. With secondary show support, complete hd assist, and higher third party developer support, i think they’re going to offer the alternative consoles a run for their cash.

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