The Rock’s Black Adam Might Be The Main Villain In Suicide Squad 2

There has been so much going on in the world of DC and that includes a lot of news about upcoming movie ‘Shazam’ where we were supposed to see Black Adam battle his nemesis Shazam. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting to see The Rock’s Black Adam in Shazam which most might say is a bit weird seeing as Shazam and Black Adam are arch nemesis and it won’t really make sense having a Shazam movie without Black Adam in it. 

Nevertheless, while we won’t get to see Black Adam in Shazam, there have been ongoing news and rumours that he’s going to make his first appearance in upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and he would the main villain. 

According to The Wrap, the plot of Suicide Squad 2 is basically going to be Harley Quinn and her squad hunting down a weapon of mass destruction and that weapon is, well you guessed it, Black Adam. If that’s the movie plot they are actually going with, then it’s already looking really promising.

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Earlier this year, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson teased fans on where we would get to see Black Adam appear for the first time. As of now, all of this is just ongoing rumours as the actual plot of Suicide Squad 2 hasn’t been released yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. 


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