The Sims 4 will be getting a supernatural twist with this new game pack which will be bringing in Vampires.

In this new pack, Vampires need and drink plasma to survive. Apparently we have a lot to learn from The Sims 4 about these supernatural beings. Aside from getting plasma from a plasma fruit that can be grown, you can also get it by feeding on sleeping sims or the ones who just plain allow you to feed on them while awake.

Say goodbye to the sun as you can’t exactly stay in the sun for long anymore else you catch fire and no we are not talking of hunger games here. In this new pack, there are two forms of vampires which are dark and regular and if your sim has both , they end up turning to their dark selves. You can also customize both forms and from what we saw you  can also turn to a bat and maybe other creatures as well but we will know for sure when EA releases more information.

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You can choose to create a vampire from scratch if you wish or you an just give birth to one but this second option does not fully guarantee you having a vampire child as you won’t know for sure if they got the trait till they becomes teenagers. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Vampires don’t age, Well they do and this is brand new information to us as well. Told you we had a lot to learn from The Sims.

We will also be getting a dark new world called Forgotten Hollow which is a really cool name by the way. This new world has longer nights than the other worlds which fits the nature of its inhabitants.

New decorations have also been added as well in the Build and Buy mode including a coffin that you can woo-hoo in. Interesting right?. Putting it all together, seems we are getting Vampire motives, needs and powers, Create-a-sim option that adds glowing eyes and more, A new world with longer nights and creepy dead atmosphere, Vampire traits and Vampire type decor.

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We’ll be getting more info about the price in the coming weeks before its release.

The Sims 4 Vampire Pack will be available January 24 for both PC and Mac.

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