Thor Gets His Hammer Back At Some Point In Infinity War

In the first trailer of Thor Ragnarok, you have to admit that one of the mind-blowing moments we got to see was when [Spoiler Ahead]…… Thor’s hammer got destroyed by Hela, with her bare hand — how badass is that. We also got to see Hulk, Loki and some new characters as well.

Now, we all thought that was the end of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) or at least the end for a long period of time but it seems Thor will be getting back his hammer One way or another in Avengers: Infinity War. This news came about when the directors of Infinity War The Russo brothers posted a picture of a priest holding the hammer with the caption ‘Worthy’ written below on their instagram page.

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We’re not sure why there’s a priest holding the hammer or how it even got whole again. We got to see Thor with Dr Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch) at the end of Dr Strange so there’s a chance Strange fixed it with the time gem or maybe this particular scene is just a flashback of when Mjolnir was still unbroken. We’ll probably never find out till the movie comes out — or will we?

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Avengers Infinity War hits theaters in 2018. Check back for more updates.

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