Thor Ragnarok |Post Credit Scenes Explained [Spoilers Ahead]

Thor Ragnarok debuted today and while it wasn’t as serious as other Marvel movies being that it had more comedy than usual, it was really spectacular and you should definitely check it out. Marvel has this tradition of post credit scenes and Thor wasn’t exempted as it came with two post credit scenes after its mid credit scene. Although, not all of their post credit scenes tease the upcoming movies, take Spiderman homecoming for example, I know the pain most of us felt after that long credit wait.

If you haven’t seen the movie, well, brace yourself for spoilers below.

First Post Credit Scene —

The movie ends with the asgardians aboard the ship they used to escape from Asgard after it got destroyed by Hela and Satuur, more of the latter. So, Loki and Thor are on the bridge of the ship talking about where to head to next now that Asgard is gone and Thor goes ‘he has a feeling everything will go just fine’. Well, he probably shouldn’t have said that because the next second, the huge figure of a massive ship appears out of nowhere and overshadows theirs and that ship belongs to The Mad Titan Thanos.

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For those of you who might have gotten to somehow see the unreleased trailer of Infinity War which was showed at D23, it shows Thor floating in Space and then encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy. This first post credit scene shows how that could possibly have happened. Thanos most likely attacks the ship and Thor is thrown out unconscious during the attack, but why would Thanos attack the ship? In the D23 trailer, we did see Loki handing the tesseract to Thanos, so that means Loki obviously took it from Asgard before it was destroyed and Loki being Loki most likely used it as a bargaining chip for his life.

This first post credit shows us that the main threat Marvel has been teasing for so long is finally here.

Second Post Credit Scene —

The second post credit scene doesn’t really have anything to do with Infinity War or any upcoming Marvel movie. It shows us the grandmaster being surrounded by the scavengers in the revolution and then he tells them ‘it’s a tie’ as you can’t have a revolution without someone to revolt against then the screen cuts black.  While that doesn’t reveal anything, we do know there’s a chance we’ll be seeing Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster again as there’s ongoing rumours of him appearing in future Marvel movies with his brother The Collector.


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  • November 5, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I guess now we know why Thor hit Guardians of the Galaxy’s windshield in Infinity War’s comic-con reveal.

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    Wow… thanks for explaining this. It really helped alot. Keep up the good work


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