What You Need To Know About The Razer Phone 

Razer just announced its first phone called the Razer phone — Lol, what name did you expect? 

The phone is going to cost a whooping $700 and comes with a UHD Variable refresh rate screen and 120Hz Ultramotion display. 

It has a Snapdragon 835 processor with an 8gb Ram which is supposed to mean it’s a gaming phone. It comes with 64GB internal memory but can also be expanded and Android Nougat operating system which will be upgraded to Android Oreo next year according to Razer. 

Along with all this is the two front facing speakers and there’s a limited edition where the logo on the back is green. 

It is being sold as a gamer phone but in reality, what differentiate it from other phones is nothing. 8gb ram and 120hz screen, does that necessarily translate to a better gaming experience? Maybe. 

It is a nice phone with nice features but if you wanna buy it because it’s built for gaming, you’re just being sold a catch phrase. It’s no better at gaming than any other android phone. 

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It’ll be released Nov 17th in North America and Europe. 


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