Xbox Founder Reveals The Reason Scalebound Got Cancelled

After so much rumors circulating the net about the cancellation of Scalebound, we finally have the answers, thanks to Xbox Founder Seamus Blackley.

Scalebound was an action RPG which was set to be released this year for both PC and Xbox One but unfortunately it never got to see the light. Seamus explained in an interview he had with The Inner Circle Podcast on the reason why head of Xbox Phil Spencer had to cancel the game and also his disappointment on it.

Well, I mean look. Also, You’ve got to put yourself in Phil’s position.

If Scalebound was gonna fail and it wasn’t looking good and builds weren’t getting any better, then that’s Phil’s credibility. So if Phil says ‘No We’re not canceling it’, right? And the Microsoft executives and board of directors and people are looking over his shoulder because he has a lot of bosses, right? Now, he’s f*cked On Credibility. Right?

If it keeps on not working out, then all the other stuff  he believes in that he’s trying to keep alive, he loses his ability to do that too.

Apparently, head of Xbox Phil Spencer didn’t want to risk releasing a game that could possibly turn out to be a flop so he decided to cancel it before its release to save his credibility.

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You can listen to the Full Interview here if you are interested, although you might have to skip major parts.

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