You Get To Steal From Hitler In This New FPS Game, Raid: World War II 

I bet you’ve always wondered what it would feel like stealing from Hitler in WWII — No? Oh. Well doesn’t matter as you get to do so in this new game made by Ex Payday 2 developers called Raid: World War II.

This game is going to take us back to the feel we had playing Payday 2 as we’ll get to experience familiar gameplay mechanics, so brace yourselves. Game director at developer Lion game Lion llija Petrusic gave a brief summary of what it’s all about.  “The goal in Raid: World War II is simple—sabotage, assassinate and pulverize everything bearing a swastika’ he said ‘Mess with Hitler and steal his treasures. With the Nazi regime as the ultimate evil, Raid brings together four unique characters with play styles that complement and enhance each other as they fight and steal across Europe.’

An awesome trailer was also released few days back which you can check out below.

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As if they’ve not already captured our interest enough, this game can be played with friends as you get to use four customizable characters ranging from different classes, skill trees and unique war cry. You also get to customize your weapons, uniforms, visit real life locations, earn challenge cards by completing raids successfully and so much more. You really should check it out when it gets released.

Raid: World War II will be released Sept 26th on PC , October 10th in North America on PS4 and Xbox One, then October 13th in Europe. 


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